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Helping You to Have a Fast Recovery
Nurse Advising Senior Woman On Taking Medication At Home

You or your elderly loved ones can have difficulties in maintaining their medications as prescribed. Taking care of yourself or a loved one in between juggling life’s other responsibilities can lead to many missed medication doses or double doses. At Premium Home Healthcare LLC, we understand your medications are very vital to stability of your health. We can help you attain a stable health by:

  • Verifying your medications with your doctor/pharmacist, and keeping an accurate list of all your medications
  • Assisting in organizing your medications by providing a safe medication storage, dispensing and disposal system
  • Assist in checking for any interactions between your medications including eliminating duplicate pills
  • Providing medication reminders when needed, and timely documentation
  • In home medication services when required at the comfort of your home
  • Consulting with your doctors and pharmacy for timely medication refills

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